Jake's Electronics

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A list of websites I find useful.

Electronics Websites:


A free CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware.


Electrical Engineering Community Website.


Fellow Aussie electronics enthusiast.


Electronics enthusiast from Macedonia with some pretty cool projects.

Electronic Forums:

» Electro Tech Online

Electronic Circuits Projects Diagrams Free. Some very knowledgeable people frequent around this forum.

Tools & Resources:

» ROHM’s Electronic Laboratory

ROHM's online design tool ROHM Electronic Laboratory allows designers to evaluate products and circuits on the web.

» EE Web's Part Simulator

Free and easy to use part simulator that runs right in your browser!

» Binary - Decimal - Hexadecimal Converter

Very useful for converting numbers between these 3 number systems.

» Temperature Converter

Celsius to Fahrenheit to Celsius.

» Delay Code Generator

Great for generating accurate delay sub-routines.

» Timer0, Timer1 & Timer2 calculator for PIC

Great for working out timing of the timers.

» OshonSoft PIC Simulator Solftware

Great for debugging programs.