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About Jake

I'm in my mid 20's working as an electrician in Australia. I have a keen interest in electronics but I only have secondary school training about basic electronics. Everything else is self taught. As well as electronics, I have newly found hobbies in SCUBA Diving during the summer and Snowboarding through the winter. The small amount of time away from work and other things that occupy my life are spent tinkering with electronics and documenting on this website.

About Jake's

In the beginning

Originally this website was a just platform to document my projects. While this is still the main reason for it's existence, it has become a playground for me to develop my web programming skills. Let me take you back to the origins of my website. It was mid 2009 when I started and I had no idea about how to make a website. The way I started (web hosting aside) was by googling top web designs, finding one that caught my eye and reverse engineering it to the point where it didn't resemble the original. There was one major problem with the one I choose; the whole website was built on tables. A problem I did not realise at the time. (Don't ask what it was doing on a 'Top Websites' website. It may have looked appealing, but the misuse or lack of common web standards sent me down the wrong path). For those that know anything about building a website, you know that using tables as a backbone is definitely not the way to go about building a W3C compliant website. Unbeknownst to me I continued changing one thing at a time within the HTML code, viewing how it affected the web page, and changing it to suit my needs after I learnt what it did. Below is a picture of my old website home page around August 2013. original website

The final result ended in a website built on tables, JPEG images for all headings and titles, styling code intertwined within the HTML page's content (as well as a separate CSS stylesheet), GIF images to create border radius's, and the list goes on. It may have looked appealing and clean, but lying underneath was a mish mash of non standard/non compliant code. On a side note I am a genius when it comes to tables. Soon after my website was launched I received some constructive criticism on the readability (or lack of) due to the colours I chose. So I always had plans to re-design my website to overcome this and please others that were viewing it.

Fast Forward To Mid 2013

A few years on and the discovery of web standards with the latest specification in HTML5 motivated me to undertake a redesign. My goal was to achieve a simplistic & readable website which is easy to add information to, while trying to conform to the HTML5 & CSS3 specification. And to finally do away with those tables! I have learnt a great deal during the journey and am pleased with the result. If you have any suggestions though I'm always open for others thoughts. Contact Jake

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